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Tungaloy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbide cutting tools, friction materials, wear resistant items, and civil engineering products.



Chip control and tool life are major Turning application challenges. Tungaloy’s latest technology develops new generations of grades and optimized chip breakers designed for superior performance while maintaining long tool life improving efficiency and productivity.


The increasing demand for complex materials and specific milling solutions is driving Tungaloy’s technological developments to create unique machining solutions, where high economic efficiency and productivity are imperative. Tungaloy’s innovative geometries and grades are designed to reach the highest standards in milling operations to overcome any machining challenge.

Hole making

Hole making plays a key role in the development of sophisticated workpieces in today’s manufacturing industries, and they are becoming deeper, larger, and more precise. Tungaloy’s revolutionary hole making solutions brings the latest innovations for accurate holes, good surface quality and reduced machine downtime with optimized grades and unique geometries.

Grooving & Parting

Machining grooves with accurate width and surface finish is possible only if the chips are controlled in its confined groove width; and managing chips in such a narrow space is a big challenge. Tungaloy’s advancements in geometry designs for grooving inserts are a key factor to solve this challenge while maintaining the highest standards in productivity and efficiency for grooving applications.

Grooving Inserts

Tooling Systems

Tungaloy tooling systems, adaptors, and accessories are designed to achieve the best performance and productivity connecting both your machine and tools in the most efficient way, offering a wide range of solutions to meet customers’ demands

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