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Slideway Oil

Hi-Tec Slideway Oils are upmarket lubricants recommended for slideways of machine tools, planers, lathes or guides of other types of machines where a tacky lubricant is required.
Hi-Tec Slideway Oils are manufactured from the highest quality paraffinic base oils, noncorrosive EP additives and tackifier and are fully inhibited to protect against rust, oxidation and foam development.

Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oils are blended from high-quality mineral oils possessing a high viscosity index and low pour point. These oils give a long trouble-free service life and will be chemically stable under severe operating conditions. They give excellent protection against corrosion; resist emulsification and any formation of unwanted stable foam. The continuing trend towards higher hydraulic system pressure permits higher performance and reductions in pump and equipment sizes. At the same time, the hard-working hydraulic oil is called upon to lubricate, seal and cool the working components under increasing temperature, turbulence and pressure. Any entrained air must be readily released as pressures often exceed 7 mpa (1000 psi) and heavy pump water can only be avoided by using oils containing anti-wear additives. Hydraulic Oils are formulated to meet all these requirements, using paraffinic, high viscosity index mineral oil, augmented with performance additives including a zinc anti-wear treatment.

Soluble Cutting Oil

Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 can be used in a wide range of applications, from brass and aluminium machining in large transfer systems to machining steel in small single sump machines.
Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 is a semi-synthetic biostable machining and grinding fluid forming transparent emulsions, which may become semi-translucent in hard water. Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 combines the cleanliness and detergency of synthetic products without the sticky residues often encountered with such products.
Use Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 at concentrations varying between 2% and 5% depending on the machining application but in general grinding is satisfactory at 2% concentration and other machining applications require between 3% and 4% concentration. For brass machining, good results have been had at concentrations of 6% and for aluminium 10%.

Air Tool Oil

Hydraulic Oils are 

Neat Cut HV

Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 can 

De-Rust Oil

Hi-Tec Oils De-Rust Oil is multi-functional water displacing fluid, possessing effective rust preventative, fingerprint suppressant, penetrating fluid and lubricant properties. Hi-Tec Oils DeRust Oil performs many every day type services in the home as well as industry, having rural, transport, automotive and marine applications. It is non-toxic and will not stain.
Water Displacer: Hi-Tec Oils De-Rust Oil very rapidly displaces water on all wet surfaces. It is very effective to give instant engine starts in wet automobiles, motorcycles, outboard engines and lawn mowers, etc.
Rust Preventative: Hi-Tec Oils De-Rust Oil is a very effective rust preventative for short-term indoor applications. It forms a protective film to inhibit rust and corrosion to 101 items, such as metal components, tools, sporting equipment, locks, hinges, lawn mowers, outboard motors and many more.
Lubricant: Hi-Tec Oils De-Rust Oil lubricating properties are employed for every day services; squeaky hinges, locks, latches, pulleys, car doors, sewing machines, outboard motors, lawn mowers and any more. The lubricant film is transparent and is non-staining.
Penetrating Fluid: Hi-Tec Oils De-Rust Oil, assists in loosening “frozen” nuts and fasteners. The freely flowing low viscosity Hi-Tec Oils De-Rust Oil penetrates between tightly adhering surfaces and softens the bonding oxidation matrix so that nuts and other frozen components can be loosened and removed.

Compressor Oil

Hi-Tec COMPRESSOR OILS, which are available in most ISO viscosity grades, are premium upmarket lubricants recommended for rotary vane and screw air compressors. They are also suitable for reciprocating air compressors requiring this viscosity grade.
Hi-Tec COMPRESSOR OILS are manufactured from the highest quality paraffinic base oils and are fully inhibited to protect against rust, oxidation and foam development and are Zinc Free.

Also available in Semi and Full synthetic


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